Anon - A Piece of Antiquity mit Text


A Piece of Antiquity

Painted on the Wall adjoining to the Kitchen of Winchester College
which has been long preserved: & as oft as occasion requires, is repair’d, wth the following Latin Verses.

Effigiem servi si vis spectare Probati.
Quisquis es hac oculos pascat Imagu tuos.
Procinum Os quocunque cibo jejunia sedat
Hæc sera, consiliun ne fluat, arcta premit.
Dat patientem. Asinus Dominus jurgantibus Aurem:
Cervus habet celeres ire, redire. Pedes.
Lava docet multum tot Rebus onusta laborem:
Vestis munditiem: Dextera aperta Fidem.
Accinctus Gladio: Clypco munitus: & inde
Vel se, Vel Dominum, quo tucatur, habet.

A Trusty servant’s Portrait would you see.
This Emblematic Figure well survey:
The Proker’s snout  not Nice in diet shews.
The Padlock shut  no secrets He’ll disclose.
Patient the Ass  his Master’s wrath will hear.
Swiftness in Errand  the Stags Feet delcare:
Loaded his Left Hand  apt to Labour saith:
The Vest – his Neatness: Open hand his Faith.
Girt with his sword  his shield upon his Arm.
Himself & Master He’ll protect from harm.

Anonymous engraving: A piece of antiquity painted on the wall adjoining to the kitchen of Winchester gallery, 1749, source: Welcome Collection.


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